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Graham & Frank

Just a few lines to say how much Frank and I appreciated your efforts on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. As a Civil Engineer I have built Sewage works and been responsible for operating Sewage treament works at Military establishments so I am well aware of the hazards of dealing with contaminated water, treating it and returning safe effluent to the outflow stream. That is all about aeration,digestion,dilutionand finally after chemical treatment producing a drinkable liquid. I never had hands on experience of dealing with drinking water, ie. water engineering but was trained in this field too.

In the case of swimming pools the treatment is more specific but still very technical field and important, what you have taught us is invaluable in running our complex pool,  not only for the knowledge that you have given us but to make us aware of our responsibilities towards our neighbours. It has also given us the confidence to be able to say to any offending swimmer ” we are qualified , we know what is best for you and your health, so stick to the rules, for the benefit of all the people using the pool”.

You have given us the tools and the building blocks to build a safe environment at our pool and if we have any trouble it will be in no way a reflection of your training, which was excellent.  You are both providing a very valuable service to pool operators and the local community and we really do appreciate your efforts.

So good luck to you both, try and get a relaxing break over Easter,  we are proud to be well trained operators but realise there is still a lot to learn and to get experience with.  Thanks very much for your guidance and well done on behalf of all the others on the Course.

Marios Samaras

I have been in the pool related industry for over 15 years and thought I knew most things. This course has opened my eyes and taught me more than I ever knew. Very intense , very informative and very helpful. To know I have very knowledgeable people I can call on for advice and guidance if I ever need over the next 5 years is an amazing. Keep up the good work and please come to Athens to train more people.


Many thanks for your efforts in teaching me. I was very nervous but both you and Paul kept an eye on me and helped me when I was not understanding.  As you know my job is to manage , but knowing what I have to control,  and even better how to control I feel I have learned everything I need to know and if I get stuck I know I can always call you. I will be enrolling my 2 engineers on the next course so soon as you have dates please advise . I need to know that my engineers have the same degree of knowledge.  As you say they have experience and no body can teach this , but understanding what the dangers are and how we all have to promote a greater health and safety is much more important

Tony & Brigitte

On behalf of Brigitte and myself many thanks for an excellent course over the last 2 days. Without doubt it was one of the best I have been on over the last 38 years in the military and industry. It was intense and could have benefitted with being over 3 days; nevertheless it was invaluable as we both start out on a new venture with Colin & Cath. We have a long way to go to get the experience that you cannot teach, but it reassuring to us both to know that your guys are just down the road and are supporting us.

Doug from Kouklia

I’ve always looked after my own pool but was becoming frustrated with the attitude of several of the staff at the various pool shops when seeking advice.  They always had an expensive product available to alleviate each problem I encountered when on most occasions they didn’t work or were unnecessary.  I therefore decided to seek some training that would enable me to understand how to manage my pool more efficiently.  The NSPF® course certainly fitted that criteria;  the 2-day course was very comprehensive and the knowledgeable instructors blended the inevitable class-room theory with numerous practical elements that brought it all together.  I would definitely recommend this course.

Dr. George Georgiadis, IB Chemistry Teacher – Senior Master

“I have attended the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF®) Certified Pool and Spa Operator training course in Larnaca Cyprus that was conducted by The Pool People. The course was professionally carried out and all the ins and outs of the Pool water chemistry were thoroughly explained in an easy to understand way. The method of teaching was fully supported by many hands on examples and what if situations. I really enjoyed the course and recommend it to both pool owners and operators alike”.

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