PHTA International Instructor of the Year Award

Tony Bell from The Pool People Ltd (Cyprus) was presented with the PHTA International Instructor of the Year Award.

The award was given based on Tony`s endeavours in expanding beyond his country of residence and venturing successfully over the past few years into central Europe and the near east. Tony is already the Senior Instructor for Europe PHTA.

Certified Pool Operator ("CPO")
Certified Pool Operator - The Pool People, Cyprus

This year alone Tony has established a firm base in Romania and Bulgaria teaching several courses in both countries. Tony Says:

”Although Europe has collectively agreed a basic document for maintenance of aquatic facilities in the EN15288-2, people seem to forget it is only a guideline and must be incorporated into the country’s own laws. This is one of the issues we have with Cyprus as people seem to want to tell the government how to do it, instead of understanding the current laws and working together, so we seem to be at a standstill. Other European countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Portugal, Germany have moved forward in embracing education as the base for operators, managers, and owners to understand both their responsibility and liabilities. This base is the Certified Pool and spa Operators (CPO) Training program”.

The CPO course is available for everyone e.g homeowners or a single maintenance person can join one of the many advertised courses.

We can also tailor make courses specifically for larger companies or hotel groups and we can also facilitate companies who wish to take advantage of HRDA funding. Call 26 623342 or 99 389139. Email for more information, or check out our training page to see the topics you will learn about.

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