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Why Should You Get Qualified?

  • Career Advancement: Becoming a Certified Pool and Spa Operator (CPO) or a Certified Pool Inspector (CPI) opens doors to new career opportunities and advancement within the pool and spa industry.
  • Industry Expertise: Our courses provide you with in-depth knowledge and skills needed to excel in pool management and safety, making you a trusted expert in your field.
  • Enhanced Safety: By getting qualified, you contribute to a safer environment for pool users, preventing accidents and promoting health and safety.
  • Networking: Join a community of professionals passionate about pool and spa safety, creating valuable connections and partnerships.
  • Stay Ahead: Keep up with the latest industry trends, regulations, and best practices, ensuring your business remains competitive.
Certified Pool Operator ("CPO")

In early 2003, we embarked on an exciting journey with Hydro & Spa and Healthyswim that would significantly improve H&S in the pool and spa Industry for their region.

What began as a collaboration to tailor a Certified Pool and Spa Operators (CPO) training course quickly transformed into something much bigger. This game-changing training program would benefit not only their own teams but also their valued clients, including distributors, service companies, hotels and leisure centres.

Our partnership in both Romania and Bulgaria with Hydrospa.ro and Healthyswim.bg marked the dawn of a new era. Together, we set out to revolutionize the industry by promoting health and safety through education starting with with Certified pool and spa Operators (CPO) training program. The response has been phenomenal, with numerous successful courses completed in both countries and exciting plans for additional training programs in the upcoming 2024 season.

Hydrospa.ro CPO Romania
Healthyswim.bg CPO

Introduce new training courses for the 2024 season!

Our commitment to enhancing safety and professionalism in the pool industry led us to introduce new training courses, including the Certified Pool Inspector (CPI) program. This comprehensive offering also includes Facility Audit, Aquatic Risk Management and Emergency Response Planning, and Recreational Water Illnesses training. These courses are just the beginning of our journey, with one overarching goal – education to advance health and safety standards in this region.

Hydro & Spa in Romania and Healthyswim in Bulgaria have taken a bold step from being only distributors and suppliers to becoming educators. By organizing these training courses, they have not only raised their profile but have also become champions in promoting and improving Health & Safety (H&S) in their respective regions.

Pool and Spa Operators (CPO) training program in Romania & Bulgaria
Pool and Spa Operators (CPO) training program in Romania & Bulgaria
Pool and Spa Operators (CPO) training program in Romania & Bulgaria
Pool and Spa Operators (CPO) training program in Romania & Bulgaria
Pool and Spa Operators (CPO) training program in Romania & Bulgaria

Take advantage of the chance to become a part of this dynamic industry movement. Contact HydroSpa.ro and Healthyswim.bg today to kickstart your journey toward excellence in the pool and spa industry. Raise your profile, enhance safety, and embrace a brighter future. It all starts with the proper training.

Is this Formula Right For You?

Are you ready to join the ranks of forward-thinking health and safety-conscious companies like Hydro & Spa and HealthySwim? 

We’ve pioneered a formula for success in Romania and Bulgaria. Now, we’re on the lookout for partners across Europe who share our vision of enhancing health and safety, not just within their own operations but throughout their entire region.

Here’s the exciting part – this endeavour has the unwavering support of the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA). Together, we have a remarkable track record, having trained over 750,000 individuals in more than 80 countries.
With the right partners by our side, we’re poised to make a lasting impact on health and safety in aquatic facilities across your region.

If this partners program aligns with your goals and aspirations, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Drop us an email at tony@thepoolschool.net, and let’s accelerate the pace of progress in health and safety together. Your journey towards a safer and more secure future starts here!

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