Pool Training Programmes

CPO Course Dates

As the man who brought the PHTA CPO® courses to Cyprus, Tony Bell, the Director and owner of The Pool School would love to be leading the courses, 7 days per week but it’s just not possible!

As well as running a business whose team ‘’walk the walk’’ of the PHTA CPO practices, Tony also offers a ‘’mentor’’ service to PHTA CPO’s who he has trained over the past 12+ years.

Even those who are considering taking the course, regularly call into the office to ask Tony’s advice and help- and it’s given freely to the person asking: if they are serious about making water safer and healthier to swim in

Tony is serious about helping them!

PHTA CPO pool and spa operators courses:

Tony runs a minimum of two, two-day courses per year. Normally held in a local hotel in the Paphos region.

Upcoming Course Dates:

– Paphos , 16th and 17th September 2023 ( Fully Booked )
– Sofia , Bulgaria   3rd and 4th October 2023
– Bucharest , Romania  24th and 25th October 2023
– Paphos , 4th and 5 th November 2023
– Bucharest , Romania  8th and 9th November 2023
– Paphos, 17th and 18th February 2024
– Paphos, 23rd and 24th March 2024

– Paphos, 18th and 19th May 2024
– Paphos, 25th and 26th May 2024

*only a few spaces still available

The Course is a 2-day, open book one with an exam at the end of day two. From the 1st May 2022, the course cost will increase to €450 per person – a deposit is required to secure your place.

Here is a brief look at the shape of the two-day CPO course:

Day One: 7.45 am registration

  • 8 am – 12 pm: Lessons
  • Lunch break
  • 1 pm – 5pm Lessons

HOMEWORK!  Please be prepared for 2 hours of homework on day one!

Day Two: 7.45 am – Review and Homework analysis

  • 9 am – 1 pm lessons
  • Lunch break
  • 2 pm EXAM:
    • (no time limit set. Average exam time is 2 – 2.5 hours but more important to be right than to be rushed).

As well as the Certified Pool and Spa Operators ( CPO) training course we have two basic introductory training programmes. These courses are undertaken on a bespoke on demand basis, throughout the year. Please contact Tony directly for information


Individual courses are designed and undertaken by companies across Cyprus, subject to that company training needs and levels of experience. HRDA support is available for individuals and companies (subject to all social insurances being up to date and in accordance with Cyprus law).

Email for further information to tony@thepoolschool.net

Ready to start your training? Get in touch now!