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Swimming pools and spa facilities exist in all sizes and vary greatly in activity or programs provided. Regardless of feature, size or program offered a pool or spa is a large investment and a huge benefit, it is also a huge liability.

Staff must be trained to understand the potential issues and proper water management and liabilities associated with running any aquatic facility.

Certified Pool Operator - The Pool People, Cyprus

In every case the individual responsible for operating the facility, whether they be the operator, engineer or manager should be professionally trained. This is true even if the case is the contract to maintain the pool is outsourced.

Some facilities are large municipal or resort operations with multi-pool installation. Some are community pools or stand-alone leisure centres or health clubs.

The smaller the facility the more likely the staff must be multi-skilled and perform several tasks in a reasonable manner. Other facilities are single pool operations that may be an amenity to the closed community, such as apartment complexes, shared pools or Hotel pools. In all cases, the management organisations can be as varied as the facilities and staff become even more diverse and specialised. However, Understanding water quality is the first step. The responsible individuals should also have a good understanding of the components of the system, their operating limits and the potential hazards.

Remember there is a fine line between law and Liability. Owners and managers should ensure that the delegated staff who are responsible for water quality control and system component maintenance have the necessary training and competence to perform these duties

At The Pool School, we provide training programs to improve operations, reduce risk, and comply with the relevant governments’ regulations through the Certified Pool and Spa Operator ( CPO ) training program.

Working alongside organisations like the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) the PHTA has launched the Model Aquatic Health Code. This code is now accepted worldwide as the basis for Any form of aquatic facility training. The MAHC is voluntary guidance based on science and the best practices that help local/state and countries authorities make swimming and other water activities healthier and safer. To date, the PHTA has trained over 600,000 people in over 95 different countries and we continue to strive to deliver the best possible training to suit every facilities needs.

Corporate & Tailormade Courses | The Pool School in Cyprus
Corporate & Tailormade Courses | The Pool School in Cyprus
Corporate & Tailormade Courses | The Pool School in Cyprus
Corporate & Tailormade Courses | The Pool School in Cyprus

Our aim with every training course is to help the owner or operator reduce the risk associated with any aquatic facility. Aquatic risk management encompasses the prevention of injuries to users and staff, the protection of the facility assets and the minimising of legal liability. When developing a risk management plan, operators should take several key factors into consideration.


  • Negligence
  • Standard of Care
  • Duty of Care
  • Record Keeping

Most legal matters involving aquatic facilities centre around the concept of negligence.

Negligence is concerned with unintentional fault or carelessness resulting in injury. In other words, negligence deals with avoidable accidents that should have been anticipated and prevented by taking reasonable precautions. Even if no harm was intended a person may still be classed as negligent if the individual failed to take reasonable measures to prevent a foreseeable accident.
Negligence, therefore, is the failure to act with the corresponding standard of care. Please remember: You cannot plan an accident. You cannot time an accident. but, you can put in place procedures to prevent an accident.

The vast majority of training courses are scheduled, advertised and open to the general public. We realise that certain bodies have the need to train several people at the same time. This may be for a single installation or it may be for a group of companies such as Hotels who wish to have one designated person per location. Therefore we offer tailormade packages to corporate bodies to enable them to receive the training whilst minimising the disruption to their working day.

Email for further information to or complete the bespoke training contact form below.

These bespoke courses could be spread over a number of days or you can have a tailormade course for several people at the same time. Flexibility will remain the key to your requirements

Bespoke Training Courses – Shaped FOR your business to fit in WITH your business!


One of the key reasons companies or individuals put off undertaking training, is that they don’t feel they have the time to train.  Ironic really – when taking that time out TO train, can be the catalyst to making the business EVEN better than it was before.


At The Pool School, we understand how precious time is and how taking any time out has to work for a business – so we can plan the training course to fit in around you and your team.

To give you a couple of examples:

The course is 18 hours approx., including a 2-hour exam at the end. It can be held:

  • over a weekend – i.e., full 2 days
  • over two weekends – e.g., two Saturdays or Sundays
  • every afternoon for a week
  • over three days, lessening the intensity of a 2-day approach
  • every Friday afternoon for a month
  • on your premises
  • off-site in a training room

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