La Motte - quality pool water testing products direct from The Pool People, Cyprus

The Pool People Ltd are proud to be the official distributor in Cyprus for one of the worlds leading pool and spa water testing companies.

LaMotte are renowned for their quality pool water testing products, from the basic dip and read test strips to the speciality Waterlink express series.

Throughout every range of pool water and spa testing products LaMotte have a product that meets the requirements of the everyday pool cleaner.

LaMotte have taken into account the variety of pools from small private pools to Olympic pools and water parks and developed several products to meet every criteria.

La Motte - quality pool water testing products direct from The Pool People, Cyprus

The basic Insta Test strips have now taken another twist with the introduction of the Insta – Link program designed especial for the I-phone / I – pod and the Insta Test pro 400 and 600 series designed for the small commercial pool cleaner reading every test required .

La Motte Instatest - quality pool water testing products direct from The Pool People, Cyprus

Pool & Spa Water Testing Products

Waterlink Express 3
Waterlink DataMate 10
Tracer Pocketesters

The Color Q series is recognised as the best in the field photometer test kit for the commercial sector. These kits perform to the highest standards and the Color Q pro 7 has won many awards for being the best in its field. There are several versions to suit every requirement and kits come in liquid or tablet format.

The electronic testers well know for being the most accurate testing of all come in two forms. The first is the standard waterproof series of individual testers, the second is the more flexible tester series which is available in various formats.

Also available is the pool manager series which comes in various DPD and FAS-DPD testing versions.

Designed for public pool operators that need the most comprehensive choice of equipment available. These are now complemented by individual test kits for those of us that just require the occasional test.

Last but not least is the professional Waterlink series , developed for the ultimate professional this equipment allows you to customise individual pools and chemicals that you use. It also allows you to transfer data to your computer for storage and speed. We not only sell the equipment, we use it for all our team of pool professionals !!

Take a look at the catalogue, we are sure you will find a product that fits all your needs.