Aquagem iSaver

Aquagem iSAVER+ in stock at The Pool People in Peyia, Cyprus

Aquagem iSAVER+ and The Pool People Ltd.

The FIRST touch screen inverter

A frequency Inverter is a device that converts the alternating current of one frequency to another frequency, the result of this conversion leads to a motor speed change in a pool pump application. The majority of pool pumps installed in the market now are single speed, they are quite powerful when used for heavy-duty operations such as backwash. However, this is not constantly needed when you consider lighter operations such as pumping or filtration. Changes in motor speed on a single-speed pump can meet different application demand for the pump.


The pool pump speed can be set to adapt for different operations when using the Aquagem iSAVER+. Our own tests concluded this leads to a dramatic 50% reduction in electricity running costs.

Aquagem iSAVER+ frequency inverter at The Pool People in Peyia, Cyprus

The Pool People Calculations

Save 50% or more on the typical running costs below

Example: 8m x 5m Pool with 1 hp pump running 8 hours per day

  • € 1.10 p/day
  • € 33.00 p/month
  • € 396.00 p/year

Example: 10m x 5m Pool with 1.5 hp pump running 8 hours per day

  • € 1.75 p/day
  • € 52.50 p/month
  • € 630.00 p/year


Running at low speed promises a much more pleasant user experience, the sound level is reduced by as much as 25%.

Aquagem iSAVER+ 25% quieter due to lower motor speeds
Aquagem iSAVER+ at The Pool People in Cyprus

Added Benefits

Programmable Timer: 4 timers for 24-hour operation, each with an individual speed for different pool functions such as filtration or heating.
Improved Lifespan: Lower running speed leads to a reduction in wear, particularly in mechanical seals
Eco Friendly: Greenhouse gas emissions dramatically decreased owing to a 50% reduction in electricity consumption
Better Filtration: Small particles can be removed easier when the water moves more slowly
Touch Screen: Classic touch control
Variable Speed: 35 running speeds from 1200 ~ 2900 RPM by increment of 50 RPM
User friendly: Convenient interface with power consumption indication