Swimming in a Salt Water Pool – the reality

Salt Water Pool Chlorination – the reality

We installed a Salt Water Pool Chlorinating system almost 3 years ago. I’ve got to admit to being very reluctant to do so because of the initial outlay for the system. And the fact that I’d heard all of the stories about how the system made the pool water, ‘smell’’ of salt. However, I was converted to being a lover of the salt water system. On the very first swim!

Using our pool regularly, mainly for physio reasons, I had got used to the clean, slightly chlorine smell of the water. And, by the way, the water affected my hair. Something that I didn’t even take into consideration when the salt water system was installed.

Suddenly, the water in the pool felt, ‘’soft’’ and ‘’gentle’’. Probably a strange description. But it’s the best way I can think of to describe the change in the water quality. With no smell on the water at all, the pool was so very welcoming and almost spa-like in its appeal.

And the best thing? As a lady of a certain age, with chemically treated blonde hair and older skin, the salt water in the pool made my skin and hair feel wonderful! Not a tinge of anything at all in freshly coloured hair. Furthermore, skin that felt moisturized when I got out of the water. Even recent, large scars from surgery, have remained ‘’calm’’ and unaffected in the pool water.

I’m converted. I would recommend that everyone consider making the change!

Ms. S. Peyia

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