Your pool doesn’t get a Christmas Holiday

Christmas is coming and we’re all looking forward to a fabulous festive period. However, forgetting to manage swimming pool water-balance at this time of year can be expensive, and could take longer to rectify.

Your pool doesn’t get a Christmas Holiday. So, you must look after it. Especially if you have unexpected guests’ turning-up who may be looking forward to a swim on Christmas day. Certainly, if they have come from colder climes.

Worth remembering!

If you have a high Cyanuric acid level (a build-up of by-products from Chlorines trichloro and di-chlor) – now is the time to fix it. Get in touch to find out more about our ‘winter reduction programme’.  This will reduce your Cyanuric Acid level and has the added benefit of reducing your calcium content; and your TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) levels.

You can improve the look of your pool and keep it looking bright and welcoming by cleaning calcium deposits. A great way to reduce any unsightly scum lines.


Remember to,

Keep the Pool Sanitised. Keep it balanced. Keep it clean.

We’d like to wish you all, a very Happy Christmas

If your New Years’ Resolution is to take better care of your pool, we can help you!

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