When dust storms in Cyprus cause problems

We have taken several calls over the past 2 weeks regarding how to deal with the dust storm that has hit Cyprus.

Many people will advise either using a flocculant to encourage the dust to the bottom of the pool. Or to leave the filter running for 24 hrs. Unfortunately, it is “dust” not sand or dirt. This means the particles are suspended in the water and a quick fix is not the solution. For example; if you run your vacuum over the ground to clean, more than 50% of the dust is once again spread throughout the water.  Consequently the following morning the pool once again looks dusty.

Best practice:  

  • As it is very fine, the most effective way to remove it is by simply switching your pool pump off for a few days (or until the dust storm is gone). And, allow it to slowly sink to the base of the pool. Then vacuum to waste very slowly.  Repeat the following day and the water should be clear.  Yes, you can promote the speed by the addition of the flocculant. But this is an extra cost at this time of the year and is really not necessary.  Remember if you use a flocculant you must vacuum to waste and flush the filter before putting back into filtration.

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