Our all natural water-saving Cyanuric Acid Reducer.

Commonly known as “stabilizer” or “conditioner,” Cyanuric Acid (“CYA”) is a chemical used to help prevent the degradation of active chlorine by sunlight. We can reduce this Acid in your pool without draining the water.

Without Cyanuric Acid in the water, bright sunlight can cause decomposition of most of the chlorine in pool water. Within an hour or so!

If you have a high Cyanuric acid level (a build-up of by-products from Chlorines trichloro and di-chlor) – now is the time to fix it. And, we can help. We will test your water and administer the correct dosage of our active ingredients to reduce those levels.

Are you adding more and more chlorine to your pool with diminishing results?

You go to your pool every day. Test for correct chlorine levels, and add chlorine tablets or other liquid chlorine products to keep the levels between 1 – 3ppm. However, you still have a problem with algae, cloudy water, and chlorine effectiveness.  What most pool owners don’t know is that cyanuric acid is added to chlorine treatments to help keep it from evaporating. Eventually, though, chlorine is consumed by the sanitation process and the levels drop. Unlike chlorine, these Acid levels do not reduce. In fact, they continue to build-up.

Naturally, Safely and Rapidly reduces Cyanuric Acid
No Need to Drain your Pool due to high acid levels
Eliminates Chlorine Lock
Advanced Biocatalyst Technology
Non-Toxic, Non-Allergenic, Non-Polluting

The amount of Cyanuric Acid in your pool greatly affects the disinfection, oxidation, and algae inhibition rates of the chlorine.

If your pH goes down, the effectiveness of your chlorine goes up. This is usually understood. But with the presence of cyanuric acid, this relationship is compromised.  With our intervention, we can help to maintain sufficient chlorine levels in outdoor pools.

Cyanuric Acid Reduction | The Pool People, Cyprus

You have to understand that between Late June and mid September we are basically performing damage limitation on the pools to keep them clean and clear , if you have not prepared the water correctly and are starting as an e.g. with Cyanuric acid levels in the high 90`s then you are going to have major issues with chemical use and water balance during the heavily used summer period.

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